A gatherer, through the seasons. Eyes open, ears close to the ground. I make with the materials I find, I value materiality, choosing materials which are sustainable and have a certain imperfect quality. Valuing the spontaneous nature that comes with found materials, following intuitions of the moment that come in the process of doing. I bring in, make anew. Transform. Bring light. Renew and reuse. Recreate. Repurpose.

Here you will find an ever-evolving art practice, demonstrating themes of neuroplasticity, memory and repair. How some plants thrive in unlikely circumstances, and how we can relate that to our own ability to grow and evolve despite adversity.

My works are characterised by having elements juxtaposing in texture and colour and form. Finding intrigue in the hidden, between the cracks, the gaps, the lacuna between worlds or states of being. Beneath the surface, step inside. From unknowing to knowing, outside to in, through print, photography, embroidery and paint, sound and sculpture. I create a space, an attempt to bridge that gap.

Ever motivated by the textural beauty that can appear after destruction, on the worn, torn, discarded. The fragments, remnants, broken down surfaces and what they can teach us, remind us, about the fragility of our own connection to wild nature.

Nature is life. It contains pure vital energy we all need to thrive. As naturalist Henry David Thoreau wrote, ‘We need the tonic of wildness.’ To him, living without nature meant depriving ourselves of the experience of the deepest truth of life.